RSN Certificate, Jacobean crewelwork, la grue / the crane

Le corps de la grue est fait d’un passé empiétant. L’aile est un point de treillis rempli d’un point de bouclette pour créer les fleurs. Le bec, les cuisses et les pieds sont fait d’un passé plat.

The crane’s wing is made with a trellis, inside the trellis is a detached chain stitch. The body is made with a long and short stitch. The beak and the feet are made with a satin stitch.

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  • Stephanie S.

    I love your crane! I’m trying to design a rooster my Jacobean module (starts at the end of March at Williamsburg). But so far I’m having difficulty figuring out which stitches/colors will go well together. I can’t wait to see it all completed and mounted. I know it’s going to look spectacular.


    IG: living_the_embroidered_life

    • Aurélie

      Thank you for your nice feedbacks.

      It’s really difficult to think about the design, the stitches and the colours at the same, but don’t worry the tutors will be there to help you, specially with the stitch plan. They have few inspirited books too.

      Now, I’m doing a break with my embroidery because of Christmas holidays. Hopefully I will manage to nearly achieve it in February.

      Good luck with your design, and happy Christmas time ! 🙂

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